Thomas Ballantine

I’m an Electronic Engineer with wide-ranging experience. I have academic and hands on experience in ASIC design, Electronic Validation, Control Systems, Embedded Programming and Manufacturing. My passions are for electronic design and embedded projects, and I believe I bring a positive attitude and team mindset to work. I’ve studied and worked in multiple European countries and enjoy travel.


Electronic Design Engineer, July 2023 to present

• RTL design and simulation in Verilog and SystemVerilog on synthesizable ASIC projects.

• Project documentation and IP block ownership.

• Experience in SVN and remote Linux systems.

• Used both Perl and VisualStudio.

Engineering co-op, Digital Video Products Evaluation Team, September 2020 to September 2021

• Lab and support work, including measurements using oscilloscopes, logic analysers and specialised video equipment, equipment and materials logistics, and bug replication.

• Programming and database tasks, including Python to automate equipment, C++ to communicate with devices under test, and usage of Confluence and Git for documentation and versioning.

Work experience in industrial control, 4 weeks in 2018 and 2019

• Carried out a range of electrical work on linkspans, troubleshooting electrical safety systems, checking and testing status of various systems.

• Worked in an important operation to replace parts of an electrically controlled hydraulic system that had become damaged, while maintaining full operational ability.

Welder’s assistant and general labourer, Summers between 2016 and 2019

• Worked in a large team, assisting in all stages of manufacture and repair of tipper lorry bodies.


Ulster University, MEng Electronic Engineering, 2018 – 2023

• Learned theory behind electronic circuits, signal processing, automation, manufacturing and management.

• Used MATLAB and Simulink for signals processing, C++ for embedded programming, used Altium Designer for PCB EDA, LTspice for circuit simulation, VHDL in Quartus and ModelSim.

• Developed a large Machine Learning project in Python, with Keras and TensorFlow, to process RF exposure data.

Hochschule Augsburg, MEng Mechatronic Engineering, March – August 2022

• Learned Mechatronic, Control and Automation, VLSI Design and Communications theory.

• Applied same in MATLAB and Simulink, Structured Text and TwinCAT, Quartus and Modelsim on Linux, and Simulink, respectively.


• Learned how to process and print using black and white film.

• Learned Linux command line.

• Learned Linux system administration by setting up a Nextcloud server and this Nginx server.

• Completed a course in basic HTML, expanded my knowledge by building a Neocities site.

Reach out to me at:

thomas <at>

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